Reflecting on 2012: Improving Lives Through Quality Care
The impact of Healthcare Reform on Home Health
July 10, 2012
Care at Home Launches AtHoc’s Home Care Alerts System
November 12, 2013
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Reflecting back on 2012, we have all seen many ups and downs, some happy events but also learned of heartbreaking news.  Throughout the year, our team of fantastic caregivers has stepped up regardless of the news and focused on Improving Lives Through Quality Care.  Our visiting nurses, therapists, social workers, home health aides and respite caregivers cared for many clients — often familiar to Care at Home, but also many new to experiencing our different and delightful service.  During the year, our people have received numerous compliments as they have cared for tiny babies, developmentally disabled children, adults recovering from surgeries and excited to get back to work, and grandparents looking forward to family holiday visits.

The success of the year for our team can be measured in statistics:  great healthcare outcomes, high patient satisfaction scores, or increasing numbers of patients and staff.  But it can also be measured in the smiles, kind words, and small gestures that bring meaning to our lives.  In all of these, we saw our community grow into a better place, and Care at Home became an increasingly integrated member of the healthcare community through new partnerships with hospital systems, home infusion pharmacies, personal attendant agencies, and managed care partners.  We look forward to 2013 with confidence knowing that we are standing on its doorstep healthy, fit, and ready to take on the challenges of healthcare reform and whatever else the coming year will bring us.  Care at Home truly is Improving Lives Through Quality Care.

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